KOC: Murder Mystery of MaJune Cruz First Chapters

Thanks for attending my website. Please enjoy the first chapters of all of my books.

My goal as an author is to hook my readers within the first chapter, and keep their attention throughout the entire story.


I’ve traveled down this road too many times before. Different characters but same scenario.

The wife comes home early from work to find a slutty home wrecker atop her husband; desperate student seeks handsome guy online only to meet death by strong brutal hands; or wealthy business owner had a poor year and kills his entire family.

Homicide, suicide, or accidental death, I’ve been down this road too many times before.

After spending 5 years patrolling the dangerous streets of Herkinsville, I was promoted to Homicide where I solved 8 open and 3 closed cases that landed the city’s mayor behind bars for 3 life sentences.

I guess I really impressed the chief to give a girl fresh out of high school and only 5 years of patrol the stressful job of Homicide Lead Detective. If my math is correct, I’d be 22-years-old at the time of my promotion. Time don’t have money and money don’t have time, and here I am 10 years later with no time for anything nor anyone; 32 and alone!

Rebecca was already on the scene when my Tahoe pulled up to West Pond Road. The rain was drowning the perfect vision I’d always believed to possess. The only light enlightening my portrait were from the beams of my parked SUV. Every now-and-then the flashes of the nights’ storm would revitalize the world around me. A tall character with a huge umbrella stood aside a Volkswagen that seemed to have slid off the road due to the storms’ horrible qualities. This theory swiftly altered due to the words conveyed by my 5-year homicide partner.

“Two shots; one in the frontal cortex, and another one in the right pectoral muscle!” Rebecca said with a sour look of distaste in her expression.

“How close did they come to the heart?” I yelled over the tumbling rain.

“I say around 5 to 6 inches; whoever it was, stayed clear of her heart!” Becca’s observation concluded.

“This had to be her lover. Whoever it was still has feelings for this woman, even though she slumps here dead!” Rebeca looks over with a focused gaze in her eyes, revealing her misinterpretation of the irony that I was painting. “How do you figure Sanai?”

“Because even after a brutal murder; her heart is safe, protected, unharmed!”

Just as I’m finishing my statement, the emergency cavalry arrives interrupting the conversation between Becca and myself. Even though the rain was coming down stronger than the earth’s gravitational pull, I was very happy to see Becca after a 3-week long honey-moon retreat to the Cayman Islands. I was extremely happy that Rebecca had found a man. A tall, sexy mixture of a man and woman were the couple; I would kill for what the owned.

Jealous was the correct word that I felt about the situation because I too longed for a man, but never needed one. Someone who I would give my heart, body, and soul too, but time never had money and money never had time. I don’t have time due to my profession; pressurized by making money, not noticing the stain that colored my own complexion.

To slow down was to lose money, and I couldn’t slow down long enough to even entertain a guy that noticed my potential. If I had time then I wouldn’t yield any money, and let’s be honest; what sane man wants to take in a broke, sexy lassie with no ambition, drive, or tissue to wipe her own ass. If I was jealous of anything it would be for the lack of time that I owned, and the time found for my partner to fall in love. Either way, I was pleased to have my partner back at the hip.

“What a shitty crime scene this rain is leaving for you two!” Ralph Massi’s voice brought me back to the reality of the situation that was the crime scene.

            Ralph was surrounding the ditch with cones and yellow caution tape as he was complaining about the condition of the weather. I understood his frustration because the rain was washing away key evidence to this case, and there was nothing I could do to slow down the emptying of the liquid skies. Not to mention the lack of a murder weapon that caused our victim to perish.

            The EMT drivers are attempting to escort the body to the lab for examinations, but I appealed to view the body one last time before departure. The driver unzips the body bag, and my attention zooms closer to the victim’s necklace with a heart-shaped locket. Everything’s wet on this victim except for the picture inside of the…

The heart locket is opened as I am finishing my thought, and I quickly motion for the forensics team. Savannah wiggles her obese frame over to the body with the lifting kit. She dusts the picture and sure enough; there’s a print.

Just as I’m starting to reiterate of how I’ve been down this road too many times before; my mental cycle starts and confirms the beginning of the murder case of our 19-year old victim; Ma’June Elizabeth Cruz.

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  1. Readers, tell me what did you think of my first chapter of my first book!


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