Jessie Bainbridge and the Bubblegum Pirates (First Chapter)

Chapter 1

This day couldn’t get any worse. I woke up to my older brother drooling on my face from the top bunk, my dog hasn’t taken a bath in 3 months and decided to sleep on the only coat that I had; which now smells like wet dog, a fly landed on my bacon forcing me to throw it away for a half-eaten granola bar from yesterday, and now I climb on this crowded bus with no place to sit.

 I don’t understand why we must ride the bus with middle and high school kids. They’re so big; I like to sit behind the bus driver, but that seat was taken. I asked the bus driver if this could be my assigned seat, but she didn’t allow for any such thing on her bus.

I felt safe whenever I got to close my eyes, escaping from my environment. A lot of the time I would pretending to zap away everybody else with my mind the tighter I closed my eyes. I would also imagine that I could teleport myself into a different world, but only in my imagination I would remain. 

“People slide over and let Jessie have a seat”! The driver’s voice carried zero authority over the chattered environment. The looks on the kids’ faces did not show invitation. I begin to slowly walk back towards the darkest pits of the bus. I could feel their dislikes heating up my flesh.

I push my way into a seat next to a girl who was reading a book. Everything seems final until I feel the presence of someone standing over me.

 “You aren’t about to sit with my sister; get up nerd”! The girls’ brother demands that I move.

I stretch my neck around, looking for another place to go. All the seats were unavailable, so I begin to close my eyes and clutch my backpack tightly with hopes of him walking away.

“Jeremy Louis sit your but back in your seat this instant”! The driver tries her authority again, but still not effective.

“Didn’t I tell you to move”! As Jeremy is finishing his statement, I feel the heat of his hand across my face; my glasses and I both go flying onto the floor.

“Hey that’s enough Lou, cut him some slack he’s only in middle school! Here’s your glasses back 20 Vis!” Jay Anderson; the star quarterback at Falkner High; hands me my broken glasses and my new seat right by him.

Believe it or not, but that’s the nicest thing anyone has did for me since the lunch lady gave me extra tots 4 years ago.

“You can sit here every morning, if I can call you 20 Vis”! Jay finishes his statement with an offered fist pond, but I declined and only clutch my backpack tighter. Jay gives me 3 pats on the back and finalized the deal.

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